Universities for a New Economy

On April 13th, 2013, the Universities for a New Economy conference at the New School for Social Research (NSSR) will investigate the particular role universities can play in promoting a shift towards a more democratic and socially and ecologically sustainable economic system. Organized by the NSSR Economics Student Union, the conference will bring together academic, organizational and grassroots leaders from the new-economy movement for a series of informative panels and interactive workshops.

Participants will leave equipped with a deeper knowledge of some commonly discussed “new-economy” concepts and empowered with a practical understanding of steps they can take to transform universities into engines of economic system change. The conference will ideally help launch a broader, continuing discussion about progressive economics change in the world of higher education, and inspire advocacy in this direction. It will likewise mark an opportunity for new-economy organizations and institutions such as worker-owned and self-directed enterprises to begin building relationships with the New School and broader NYC university community.

Click on the tabs above to view the conference agenda, learn about speakers and sponsors, and find the link to our registration page.



  1. Mehtab Ali Shah · · Reply

    It is a good idea to attend this sort of conference .

  2. a great thing to organize!

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